Adderall is a prescription drug that’s been used to treat ADHD, narcolepsy, and binge eating disorder. It’s a stimulant that helps people focus and get things done, but it has some side effects.

Adderall is a stimulant medication that has been prescribed to treat ADHD and narcolepsy for several years. It’s a Schedule II controlled substance, which means it’s legal for doctors to prescribe and for you to use if you have a prescription. But that doesn’t mean it’s harmless. The four parts of the Adderall experience are a way to help you understand how the drug works and what you can expect.

Mental Effects

The first thing you’ll notice is a sharpening of your mind—you’ll be able to focus more intently on whatever it is you’re working on. This can be great if you’re trying to get some work done or finish a school project, but it might not be so great if it’s something like studying for an exam or writing a paper that requires deep thought.

The beginning: You take your first dose of Adderall and start feeling its effects. This part can last anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours, depending on the person and dosage.

The second stage: This stage lasts up to six hours (but usually no longer than four). During this time, you’ll probably feel more energized and focused than usual—but also jittery and anxious. It could be hard for you to sit still or relax during this period because your brain will be racing with ideas!

The third stage: After about six hours (usually around four), your body will start getting used to having Adderall in it. You’ll start feeling less jittery and more relaxed while still being able to focus on whatever task is at hand without effort or distraction from other thoughts or feelings like boredom or anger.”

1. The First Two Hours

The first two hours of your Adderall experience are characterized by a sense of euphoria and energy, where you feel like you can do anything. You have an intense desire to get up and start moving around, but you’ll also be exhausted from all the excitement. You might find yourself getting a little bit paranoid or anxious because of the stimulant effect of the drug, but not enough to make it a big deal.

2. The Third Hour

After that first initial burst, you’ll start to come down a little bit—and then another surge will hit you! This cycle will continue for three hours or so until eventually you reach a plateau where your energy levels are more even-keeled, but still high enough that you don’t feel like sitting on the couch all day long (which is what happens when people take too much Adderall).

3. The Fourth Hour

This is when things get interesting: after that initial plateau, there’s another burst in your energy levels—and this time it’s stronger than ever before! You’ll feel supercharged again, ready to conquer any task at hand.